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For the best full-service professional painting contractors in or near Bolton and Andover CT, call Ray Diana Painting. Ray Diana Painting LLC offers residential and commercial painting services, power washing and deck staining in northeastern Connecticut. Harsh sunlight and stormy weather can age painted surfaces and stain building exteriors. If you have peeling, chipping, or alligatoring of your painted surfaces, the clapboards and trim are no longer protected from the elements. Unprotected clapboard begins to deteriorate. If your home’s clapboards, shingles or siding have a dirty exterior or a layer of algae or mold, you may only really need a thorough cleaning. Our painting contractors will come out and inspect your surfaces and may determine that you only need power washing.

Ray Diana Painting takes the time to do your painting job correctly. The secret to a long lasting, perfect paint job is in the preparation. Our crew takes the time to do thorough surface preparation. We start with hand-scraping and sanding the surfaces to ensure maximum paint adhesion. Then we apply no fewer than three coats of primer and paint. Our owner, Ray Diana, is on-site for the job to make sure it’s done according to your expectations. We provide a free color consultation with the job so you will get the results you expect: a perfect paint job. Call for a consultation today: 860-966-4565.

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