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Ray Diana Painting LLC are professional painters serving Bolton and Andover CT.  Whether you have a residential or commercial property, we offer painting, power washing, deck staining and color consultation. The variable climate we enjoy in eastern Connecticut puts our painted surfaces through the mill. Freezing and baking temperatures, UV light damage, moisture infiltration, mold, dirt, algae, moss and grime all deteriorate painted surfaces. If you have peeling, chipped, or alligatored surfaces, clapboards, decking and trim are no longer protected from the elements and may begin to deteriorate.

After a thorough inspection of your surfaces, we may determine that you only need power washing. When a paint job is required, Ray Diana Painting takes the time to prepare the surface and apply your paint correctly. We start with hand-scraping and sanding the surfaces to ensure maximum paint adhesion. Then we apply no fewer than three coats of primer and paint. Our owner, Ray Diana, is on-site for the job to make sure it’s done according to your expectations.

Ray Diana Painting LLC has been transforming homes for ten years. When you call, you will get a detailed estimate of the work we intend to do. We answer all your questions and concerns up front so you can make an informed decision. We have been helping Connecticut homeowners like you renew their living spaces, giving the exterior surface a new lease on life. We do painting, deck staining and power washing for residential and commercial properties in Eastern Connecticut. We are looking forward to meeting you. Call for a consultation today: 860-966-4565.

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